About Us

Company Profile

The rapid, near magical transformation of the Surat region has made a huge contribution to the local economy and literally turned around the fortunes of India, by drawing investors from the across the globe to set up companies and industries in the region. One needs to acknowledge the pioneering spirit of Indian Real Estate companies that pushed for change, and transformed the adjoining backwaters of the capital into some of fastest developing cities across the country.

Founded upon a vision eons ahead of its times, The Sumerru Group are one of oldest Real Estate companies to bet big on the Development of Real Estate. The company literally set the corner stone, upon which you see super structures - be it the futuristic office complexes, malls or apartments - standing tall today.

To be the acclaimed real estate developer known for its quality delivery resulting profits for all its customers, business associates & stake holders.

Corporate Objective

The company has been at forefront of real estate development in the Surat region for more than a quarter of a century. The farsightedness to see the enormous potential in the property and real estate market in Surat and build a lifelong relationship with the clients and investors by providing them with excellent services throughout the long and illustrious career.

It was the vision and pioneering spirit that helped revolutionize the real estate arena with the mammoth and futuristic projects that the company undertook.

Business Philosophy

Sumerru Group has constantly met and gone beyond the expectations of its clients, investors and business partners. The company today leads the real estate sector with a number of commercial and residential projects under its belt.

The company today is known for its superior construction quality and commissioning of major commercial complexes and shopping centers that combine the triple advantage of prime location, best investment opportunities and value for money. Its the result of these solid foundations and the living proof of numerous completed projects that differentiates Sumerru Group from others. At the most basic level, their ability to strictly adhere to project completion schedules and meet all building laws and regulations have won them the respect and admiration of all their constituents and stakeholders - customers, business associates and investors.

We are giving homes to the families, business places to the entrepreneur & investment options to the investors and your money is secure with us.